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Education in USA. EF - Basic Course

Education in USA. EF - Basic Course

Special Features of the EF New York school

• Safe 25-acre campus where you’ll live and study among American students
• 40-minute train ride to Manhattan
• Small school with informal, individual service
• The school is equipped with WiFi – Wireless Internet

Number of 40 minute lessons

20 lessons per week


Summer only (please contact +41 41 417 45 50 for exact start dates)


All levels, beginner to advanced


Combine a relaxing holiday abroad with 20 morning and afternoon language lessons a week (total tuition time of 13 hours and 20 minutes). This course concentrates upon understanding and speaking the language in practical situations. Special interest lessons allow you to personalize your studies to your interests.


• 14 general language lessons to build grammar and all communication skills, including teacher-led discussions, written exercises, group work and role-plays.
• 4 special interest lessons in your choice of subject. These vary by school location, but often include world cultures, society and sport, science and innovation, slang and idioms, telephoning skills.
• 1 lecture (double lesson) either by a teacher or guest lecturer for listening comprehension practice and cultural development.

Course price (US$)

2 weeks 1140
3 weeks 1710
4 weeks 2280
5 weeks 2850
6 weeks 3420
8 weeks 4560
10 weeks 5520
12 weeks 6480