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Education in Malaysia. UCTI - Foundation Programme

Education in Malaysia. UCTI - Foundation Programme

The Foundation programmes at UCTI are designed for students who do not have STPM / 'A' Levels or other Pre-University qualifications to prepare you for entry into the first year of university degree programme. Throughout the programme, our academic staff will advise you on the options available at each stage of your university degree study.

Learning outcomes
Upon completing your study in this programme, you will be able to:

* prepare for entry to Level 1 of degree study
* understand the concepts that underpin the study of Business, Technology, Media and IT
* make an informed choice about what degree you want to study
* demonstrate English language and study skills for undergraduate learning
* apply skills in numeracy, technology and communication
* understand the essential elements of technology
* use appropriate application software and the Internet
* communicate effectively verbally and in writing to a given audience
* work effectively in a team
* be ready to become an effective member of the working community
* continue and succeed in further / higher education

What you will study
The modules that you will study in this programme help develop your study skills, introduce you to learning expectations of your degree study, and allow you to discover the various degree study options and disciplines that you can pursue in Business, Technology, Media or Information Technology.

Semester 1 (14 weeks)
• English
• Mathematics
• Personal Development and Study Methods
• Organisational and Social Environments
• LAN Compulsory 1

Semester 2 (14 weeks)
• Communication Skills
• Quantitative Methods
• IT Applications
• Research Methods for Degree Study
• LAN Compulsory 2

Semester 3 (14 weeks)
Package A
You must choose this if you want to go on to study degrees in Business, Games, Tourism, IT, Technology or the Media.

• Introduction to Business
• Computing and IT
• Perspective in Technology
Package B
You must choose this if you want to go on to study degrees in Engineering.

• Electrical and Electronic Principles
• Engineering Science
• Mechanical Science
• Engineering Mathematics
• LAN Compulsory 3