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Education in Malaysia. Sunway University - Pre-Masters programme

Education in Malaysia. Sunway University - Pre-Masters programme

Studying a Masters Degree at a British University can be a stressful experience for students who are new to the UK. The different study methods, language, culture, friends and new accommodation can place a lot of pressure on students in their first few months.
This programme is designed to develop the study methods and academic English language skills of international students in preparation for Masters degree study. Students who pass this course are guaranted a place on a taught Masters degree at an NCUK member university. In addition, passing the pre-Masters will increase the students chances of successfully finishing their Masters degree.
Students who have successfully completed a 3 year university diploma can use this course as a conversion programme. This means that their diploma can be recognized by many universities as the equivalent to a Bachelors degree, therefore increasing the range of Masters Courses available.
Many Masters Degrees such as Science, Engineering, Finance or Accounting require students to have a degree or diploma in a related field. However, students wanting to study Business or Management who did not study in this area previously can use the pre-Masters as a way of adapting their skills for entry on to these Masters degrees.

Course content
All students follow modules in English for Academic Purposes Mrthods. Areas covered by the research module are critical thinking, presentation techniques and discussion practice. September and January entrants also study Management Skills.

Students will also receive guidance on assignment writing and January entrants will research and write a short 5,000 word dissertation. April entrants will produce a project proposal of around 1, 000 words.

Progress is checked by continuous assessment of coursework and class tests. The final grade is based on a mixture of coursework and examinations. Successful students will achieve a pass, credit or distinction for their dissertation or project proposal.

Start Dates and Course Length
September - 31/33 weeks
January - 20/22 weeks
April - 10/11 weeks

Weekly Hours
Strand A - 19 minimum
Strand B - 21 minimum
Strand C - 21 minimum

English Requirements
Strand A - IELTS 5.0
Strand B - IELTS 5.5
Strand C - IELTS 6.0

2007/08 Fees
Strand A - 6,500 GBP
Strand B - 4,500 GBR
Strand C - 2,500 GBP

Work Placement
5,000 GBP