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Education in Great Britain. St. Giles International - General English Courses

Education in Great Britain. St. Giles International - General English Courses

General English Courses

At St Giles we understand that different students have different needs. The St Giles "learner centred" approach to teaching English enables our teachers to meet your individual needs. Courses cover practice in all four skill areas: reading, writing, speaking and listening; however, you will find the focus of our General English programmes is on speaking and listening - generally the main requirements of today's modern English speaker.

A typical General English programme includes:
-Developing and improving your spoken English to make you a clearer and more confident speaker
-Developing your listening and comprehension skills
-Learning and reviewing the basic grammatical structures of the English language
-Everyday English - language that you can use in real-life situations, both spoken and written
-Reading practice and comprehension testing

For all General English courses you will use a text book, which forms the basis of your study, but which is augmented by a variety of other materials such as video and audio recordings, supplementary text books and authentic materials.

Minimum Course Lengths
The minimum course length for General English is 1 week. There is no upper limit, although if you plan to study with St Giles for 6 months or more we would recommend our specially discounted International Semester Courses programmes.

Your Timetable
We offer a range of English programmes throughout the day. Each lesson lasts for 50 minutes and most classes take place between the following approximate hours:

-28 lessons per week full day course 09:00 - 15:30
-20 lessons per week morning course 09:00 - 13:00
-15 or 20 lessons per week afternoon course 14:00 - 18:00
-22 lessons per week morning course (San Francisco only) 9:00 - 13:00
-22 lessons per week afternoon course (San Francisco only) 13:45 - 17:40

Plus two lessons of supervised private study