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Education in Great Britain. KAPLAN ASPECT COLLEGES - Computer Courses

Education in Great Britain. KAPLAN ASPECT COLLEGES - Computer Courses

Computer Courses

There is no doubt that the modern world is dominated by advanced technology and it's importance will only continue to grow. Very few people can spend a day without either using or coming into contact with a computer, however big or small. In the majority of professions you will be required to use some kind of computer for some or all of your duties. As a result there is a great demand for people with up to date computer skills, both for those who can use computers effectively and for IT professionals who can create, develop and maintain computer based technologies. Williams College provides a complete training solution for both computer users and information technology professionals alike.

The Diploma in Computer Applications offers students the opportunity to learn the most fundamental Microsoft applications (Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Outlook) which are commonly used in many professions and in most cases by people who are not IT professionals themselves.

For those who wish to follow an IT based career there are specialist courses in Web Design, Graphic Design, Networking and Programming Languages. These courses give students an opportunity to develop the essential technical skills for a particular profession including preparation for professional certification exams. As a certified IT professional your career opportunities will be fantastic and your earning potential much higher than average.

Williams College also offers degrees and MBAs in IT related subjects, but these are not covered in this section of the prospectus. Please see the sections for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees for full details.

At Williams College our IT students benefit modern IT labs, close teacher attention, hands-on interactive exercises and exam simulations. Our attention to quality in all aspects of our teaching has helped us give students the best IT training possible.