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Education in Germany. European University - German and Classical Music in Berlin

The course comprises 24 teaching units of 45 minutes (TU) a week. Also included are 2 classical music performances subject to what is on offer. This offer can not be booked during the summer seasonal consert break.

This course is for all classical music lovers. Our language placement test ensures that every participant comes in the most suitable German course

Course start

  • Start dates for beginners are to be found in the course schedule

  • advanced learners can start any Monday.

    Tests / Diplomas / Attendance Certificate
    Depending on length of stay, every participant can take a course completion test or a Carl Duisberg language examination. At the and of the course each participant receives an attendance certificate.

  • Course fees for 2 weeks: ? 555 (incl. 2 tickets)

  • Course fees for 3 weeks: ? 700 (incl. 2 tickets)

  • Course fees for 4 weeks: ? 890 (incl 2 tickets)

  • Private accommodation

  • With breakfast: ? 147,50 a week
  • Half board: ? 197,50 a week
    For bookings of only 2 weeks an administrative fee of 50 ? will be charged.

    Additional tickets for musical performances
    are available on request and are subject to price category and availability.

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