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Education in Great Britain. Embassy CES - Diploma for University Entrance - Academic Year (intensive), Oxford


Education in Great Britain. Embassy CES - Diploma for University Entrance - Academic Year (intensive), Oxford

This course is ideal if... want the most effective pathway to a guaranteed university place studying a combination of English and academic classes.

In today's highly competitive world, there is a huge global demand for places at the best English speaking universities and colleges. The Embassy Diploma for University Entrance has been expertly designed in association with our leading university partners to guarantee you a real competitive advantage. There is no better preparation for gaining admission onto the degree course of your choice.

A university place - guaranteed
After successful completion of the Diploma, we guarantee you a place at one of our partner universities, so long as you have valid High School credentials. At every step of the way, a University Placement Counsellor will guide you through the application process and identify the best options for you. Our expert tutors will carefully monitor your progress to ensure you achieve your best. To pass the course you will need to reach an English level equivalent to IELTS 6.0/TOEFL 550.

Conditional offers and university credits
Depending on your academic qualifications, many of our university partners offer conditional acceptance when you enrol on this Diploma. They are confident of your success. In the USA, some partner universities will also grant credits for Diploma completion, giving you a head start before you begin your degree.

Semester option
If your English level is already equivalent to IELTS 4.5/TOEFL 450, you can gain credits for the first term and enter the course at the beginning of term two, saving you time and money.

University designed course
Our partner universities have been actively involved in the design and development of the programme. A flexible timetable and progressive lessons are designed for results. Your progress will be carefully assessed through a series of assignments and oral and written exams each term. Personal study planning interviews and lessons, in addition to research in the computer laboratory will make sure you are on track. On completion, you will receive a full academic assessment and report, in addition to the formal Embassy Diploma for University Entrance.

Course assessment
The Diploma award has three grades: Distinction, Merit and Pass. The better your pass rate the higher the grade of Diploma will be, and the wider the choice of colleges and universities to which you can gain admission.
Continuous and term assessment is a very important aspect of this course. The method of assessment varies from course to course but might include closed tests, an end of term essay, book reports, oral presentations and projects.

Course structure and content
This is an intensive course of three 11-week terms, with a vacation between each term. You will follow a carefully designed, progressive curriculum which offers a range of core skills and subjects. You will also study additional electives in specific areas which will develop the academic knowledge and skills you need for university study. Key areas of development will include:
-General English language acquisition and development in the key skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing
-Mastery of grammatical structure and usage
-Accurate use of extended vocabulary
-Coaching in clear, confident pronunciation
-Core programme of introductory academic preparation courses
-Exam preparation to a level appropriate for entry to a degree course
English for Academic Purposes
Undergraduate study skills