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Education in Great Britain. Bournemouth Business School International - General English with IT


Education in Great Britain. Bournemouth Business School International - General English with IT

The English with IT Skills course comprises 24 (EIT 24) or 28 (EIT 28) lessons weekly. This course is designed to develop all 4 language skills and grammar usage, as well as build vocabulary and develop Academic Study Skills. The 4 IT lessons weekly offer tutor-guided project work, the use of a variety of basic IT software packages and the full ECDL syllabus.
Entry is any Monday throughout the year, and there is a maximum class size of 12. Individuals are tested on arrival and placed in international classes at appropriate language levels. Entry level is Intermediate (IELTS 5.0) or above.

Course Content

  • 10 lessons grammar and functions
  • 2 lessons vocabulary development
  • 4 lessons reading and writing
  • 4 lessons listening, speaking and pronunciation
  • 4 lessons computing and IT Skills
  • 4 lessons Academic Study Skills (EIT 28)

    Course Objectives

    -to develop a sound knowledge of grammar
    -to acquire a broad range of relevant vocabulary
    -to develop effective listening and reading skills
    -to build fluency and confidence in speaking and pronunciation skills
    -to allow students to integrate into British culture and to maximise the learning experience
    -to acquire suitable vocabulary for computing and IT
    -to develop an overview of the WIndows operating system
    -to access the Internet and familiarise participants with e-mail techniques
    -to develop a range of word-processing skills using Microsoft Word
    -to create spreadsheets, graphs and simple-format charts using Microsoft Excel
    -to develop basic skills using Microsoft PowerPoint

    In addition, the EIT 28 course aims to:

    -to further develop academic reading and writing skills

    Optional Examinations
    Students taking the EIT 28 option will have the opportunity to prepare for the following Cambridge examinations at certain times of year:

  • FCE (Upper-Intermediate)
  • CAE (Advanced)
  • ECDL

  • Articles