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Education in New Zealand. EF - Intensive Course

Education in New Zealand. EF - Intensive Course

Number of 40 minute lessons
32 lessons per week including 6 iLab sessions.

Make maximum progress during your stay abroad. Highly recommended for students who want to learn a language as quickly as possible for academic or professional reasons. Our highly structured syllabus will have you speaking and writing with confidence in the minimum amount of time. An EF intensive course includes 32 morning and afternoon lessons per week (total tuition time of 21 hours, 20 minutes), blending teacher led and iLab sessions.


  • 14 general language lessons to build grammar and all communication skills, including teacher-led discussions, written exercises, group work and role-plays.
  • 6 iLab sessions of interactive online learning at English Schools/ 4 language lab and 2 integrated video/ project work/ conversation sessions at Non-English Schools
  • 10 special interest lessons in your choice of subject. These vary by school location, but often include business skills, creative writing, management and strategy, vocabulary and grammar, politics and tourism.
  • 1 lecture (double lesson) either by a teacher or guest lecturer for listening comprehension practice and to develop cultural awareness.

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