Global Study


Education in New Zealand. EF - Teacher Training Courses Abroad

Number of 40 minute lessons 32 per week length 1 or 2 weeks for English courses, 1 week for German.
Group Size: 10-12 student teachers per group.
As a language teacher, the importance of keeping your language skills and classroom methods up to date is essential. EF offers teachers highly intensive English or German courses in countries where the language is spoken. Our international courses increase your confidence in the classroom and introduce you to ideas and concepts that provide practical help for every day teaching.
Course Outline
The course provides the opportunity to explore and discuss current classroom methodology and to analyze up-to-date teaching ideas. The emphasis will be on practical suggestions and student motivation, which will help improve teaching techniques back in the classroom. You?ll compare teaching styles and practices in a variety of countries, and contrast the wide differences of approach found throughout your profession internationally.
Course Content
Group sessions with a teacher trainer will cover a selection of the following topics:

  • how to improve listening skills: selecting materials to motivate students, using listening to provoke discussion

  • encouraging effective reading
  • using authentic materials and teaching vocabulary: how students record and remember language, teaching phrases and expressions
  • encouraging students to speak and dealing with pronunciation: integrating phonology
  • developing fluency, activities to encourage speaking
  • teaching grammar: how to present structure, making grammar interesting
  • mproving writing skills and how to correct errors
  • the principles of lesson planning
  • using a language laboratory
  • testing your students and exam preparation
  • VCRs and computers as teaching tools

  • Class Observation
    The Teacher Training is run at our EF International Language Schools in Boston in the USA, at Cambridge and Brighton in the UK, and Munich in Germany. Part of your course will involve observing experienced native teachers working with mixed nationality classes, which will give you the opportunity to see the techniques discussed in your group sessions being used in real life situations.
    Peer Teaching
    Participants will be required to prepare and present two lessons to the other members of their group. The tutors will provide help and guidance in the planning and preparation of these short micro lessons, and will provide useful, constructive feedback afterwards.

    Individual Assessment
    Also included in the course is an individual one to one tutorial session with a course tutor. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive the EF Teacher Training Certificate in the teaching of English. Our EF Course Tutors are qualified teacher trainers, but they also all currently work as dedicated senior teachers of English at EF International Language Schools in England and the United States. Here classes are made up of students from over 65 countries worldwide, so our tutors will probably have experience teaching your nationality. As most of them also have experience teaching overseas, they are very much in touch with current trends in modern classroom practice.